Fairfax Associates brings together the skills of highly experienced professional services consultants with particular expertise in law firms. Our Principals have advised professional firms since the 1980s and combine high-level strategic and analytical thinking with a profound understanding of professional firms and the way in which professionals are managed.

We work with the support of a number of researchers and analysts and we shape our team according to the demands of the engagement and our client’s internal resources.

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Evolving Approaches to Partner Compensation

Evolving Approaches to Partner Compensation

How law firms are evolving their approach to partner compensation to spur growth and retain talent ...
Partner Feedback: How to Maximize Your Firm's Greatest Asset

Partner Feedback: How to Maximize Your Firm’s Greatest Asset

Firms that fail to provide meaningful feedback to partners miss a valuable opportunity to enhance firm performance ...
Strategic Priorities for 2024

Strategic Priorities for 2024

Each year, we look ahead and identify the key strategic and management issues that we believe will need to be ...

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Law firm mergers increase in Q1

Law firm merger activity increased slightly in 2023 relative to 2022, with increased activity in cross-border and large firm mergers, according to findings from the merger research team at Fairfax Associates.

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Of Counsel interviews Lisa Smith

Recently, Of Counsel, a legal practice and management publication, held an interview with highly regarded Fairfax Associates principal, Lisa Smith. For three and a half decades at a few of the nation’s most prestigious consulting firms, Smith has helped regional,...