Governance, Management & Organization

Clarity of direction, a well-defined strategy, disciplined planning, and effective implementation are fundamental attributes of successful firms with highly competitive practices and aligned partnerships.

Strategic work sits at the heart of our practice. The Principals of Fairfax all have a deep interest in, and broad experience with, professional firm strategy. We assist firms with strategy development at the firm, office, practice, and industry level. We facilitate the identification and articulation of a firm’s goals and the strategies required to achieve them.

Our strategy and direction work includes the following areas:

Governance & Management

The management and governance of a professional firm is a great deal more complex than in the corporate world. Managers are…

Operational Structure & Reviews

The operating structures of law and professional services firms have evolved significantly over the last two decades.

Partnership Structure & Alternative Business Models

Competition and, in some instances, regulatory changes are leading firms to reevaluate their partnership structures. Traditional models are no longer necessarily appropriate and alternatives must be considered.