Governance, Management & Organization

Professional firms face unique management challenges because of the nature of partnerships and the culture of professional independence and autonomy.  Yet, in light of rapid industry changes and increasing competitive pressure, efficient and effective methods of management and organization are a critical aspect of firms’ ability to respond successfully to the market.

Our depth of focus and experience in working with law firms gives us an understanding of the very particular challenge of management and organization in a professional environment. In many markets, the demands placed on firms have required them to improve governance and operational structures, establish new models of business, and adapt and innovate more rapidly than in the past. Our work in other professions – some of which have evolved a long way from traditional partnership structures – and in many different jurisdictions uniquely positions Fairfax to develop approaches that will best serve firms in the long term.

Our performance and compensation work includes the following areas:

Governance & Management

The management and governance of a professional firm is a great deal more complex than in the corporate world. Managers are…

Operational Structure & Reviews

The operating structures of law and professional services firms have evolved significantly over the last two decades.

Partnership Structure & Alternative Business Models

Competition and, in some instances, regulatory changes are leading firms to reevaluate their partnership structures. Traditional models are no longer necessarily appropriate and alternatives must be considered.