Merger & Merger Integration

It is critical that merger be considered as a means of executing a strategy rather than a strategy in and of itself.

Fairfax works with firms on all aspects of the merger process: evaluating strategic expansion options, identifying potential candidates, making initial contacts, managing the merger process, conducting due diligence, developing merged firm structures, and managing the implementation of the combination.

Fairfax has worked on many domestic and cross-border mergers going back to the 1980s, and our Principals have written two books on law firm mergers – “Anatomy of a Law Firm Merger,” published by the American Bar Association (2004), and “Law Firm Mergers: Taking a Strategic Approach,” published by Palgrave Macmillan (2005) – as well as authored the chapter “How to Merge: Lessons from 20 Years of Law Firm Mergers,” published in “Law Firm Strategies for the 21st Century” by Globe Law and Business (2013).

Our merger work includes the following areas:


Merger plays a central role in the achievement of some firms’ strategic objectives. Ongoing consolidation and client requirements in many markets means that organic growth is sometimes insufficient to bridge the gap between…

Merger Negotiation & Structure

Many firms have considered merger or engaged in some level of merger discussions at some point in the recent past. They are either proactively seeking strategic combinations or are approached by other firms. While many lawyers are…


The decision to merge marks the end of the beginning of the process. In order to realize the strategic benefits of the merger, it’s likely that much will need to change in the firms concerned, and merger integration requires significant management attention.