Process Improvement

The traditional pyramid structure that was common in many professional firms is no longer necessarily the most effective and competitive choice. The need to improve business or legal processes is driven by clients’ need for consistent quality and performance in delivering their services and for lowering that cost. Meanwhile, firms are seeking to differentiate themselves from their competitors by developing novel and improved methods of service delivery.

Building from our market knowledge and client research, Fairfax assists clients in developing innovative approaches to service delivery that distinguish them from competitors. As part of this work, we regularly bring our clients’ clients into the process and have them deeply involved in identifying opportunities for service delivery improvement. Fairfax works with firms to evaluate existing business processes, identify improvements, and implement the changes. We draw on our ability to view and objectively question the steps in a process as well as our experience with the business practices of a wide range of firms and professions.

As part of this work, we consider the development of new approaches to lawyer staffing, novel ways of providing back office and legal support, and integrated client-firm relationship-based structures.