Market & Sector Research

Robust information and rigorous analysis are fundamental elements of effective strategic planning and implementation. Assessing the potential of a market or sector, identifying and reviewing key competitors, or determining the entry strategy for a new jurisdiction or area of practice require a foundation of evidence.

In professional markets, there is often limited publicly available information and answering an apparently simple question may be difficult. Nevertheless, with experience, it is possible to gather information about the volume and nature of demand; how this is likely to change; how and by whom services are being purchased; relative demand for local, cross-border, and multi-jurisdictional advice; the strengths and locations of competitors; referral flows; and the prospects for cross-selling services.

With unparalleled experience undertaking both primary and secondary research, Fairfax has the specialist knowledge to provide succinct and relevant market and sector information and analyses. Frequently working under demanding time pressures and maintaining high levels of confidentiality, we deliver detailed reports containing robust findings and recommendations to inform our clients’ decision making.