Strategy Development & Implementation

An effective strategy is built on developing a competitive advantage and identifies unique opportunities for market differentiation.

Firms seeking to develop a winning strategy must distill complex information about the competitive market in which they operate and their existing performance, capabilities, and intentions. The strategy should be aspirational but it also must be based on a clear and objective understanding of the firm’s existing capabilities and the feasibility of the changes required to build a competitive business capable of achieving its partners’ goals.

Leveraging both deep industry knowledge and strategy consulting expertise, Fairfax works with clients to develop a robust and insightful evaluation of their strategic options. We are highly experienced in the process of strategy development and support firm management to provide leadership and direction while also involving and engaging the wider partnership. We know that an effective strategy will evolve in response to the changing competitive market. The strategy development process is often one of shaping and refining rather than of reinvention.

We also know that a strategy alone will not change a firm. Action is required. And in a professional services firm, getting it done is, arguably, the biggest challenge.

Fairfax supports our clients in implementing strategy and developing the necessary plans. We assist management with communication and presentation and may also provide project office support to guide execution. When necessary, Fairfax works alongside partners responsible for key actions, since we understand that the demands of their clients and practices may distract them from the management tasks, and we know from experience that the knock-on effects of delays in one area can dramatically slow the whole firm’s progress.