Speaking Engagements

Fairfax Principals are regular speakers at professional services conferences around the world. A selection of recent and up-coming speeches includes:

Law Firm Compensation and Structures
US-China Legal Exchange Program, George Washington University
Washington DC, June 2017

Mergers: Evaluating and Aligning Partner Compensation Approaches
The Association of Partnership Practitioners
London, UK, November 2016

Can Law Firms Innovate? How to Drive Important Change in Your Firm
ALA National Conference
Los Angeles, CA, May 2016

Partner Compensation in a Time of Turbulence
ALA Puget Sound
Seattle, WA January 2016

A Global Game of People, Process and Strategy
Association of Corporate Counsel
October 2015

Market Developments, Strategic Options
Lexwork Annual Meeting
Dublin, Ireland, October 2015

Designing Effective Compensation Systems
Legal Management Forum
Las Vegas, NV, May 2015

Lessons Learned from Law Firm Failures
ALA National Conference
Nashville, TN, May 2015

The Psychology of Partner Compensation
TAGLaw Webinar
May 2015

Change Management in Law Firms
Legal Lab, HBR Consulting
April 2015

New Metrics
US Law Firm Group
Miami, FL, February 2015

Time for New Metrics
ALA Business of Law Conferences
Fort Worth, TX and Philadelphia, PA, October 2014

Time for New Metrics
ALA Business of Law Conferences
Portland, OR and Chicago, IL, September 2014

Time for New Metrics
Georgetown University Law School
Washington, DC, February 2014

Compensating Retiring Partners
ALA National Conference
Toronto, May 2014

Developing Effective Compensation Plans
ALA National Conference
Toronto, May 2014

Lateral Hiring, Mergers & Acquisitions
ALA Conference
Irvine, CA, November 2013

Trends in the Legal Industry
ALA Conference
Albuquerque,NM, October 2013

Managing Partner Forum
Dallas, TX, September 2013

Challenges in the European Legal Market
Law Publishers in Europe
London, May 2013

UK Market Trends
Thomson Reuters
London, January 2013

The Challenges of a Changing Law Firm Economic Model
Georgetown University Law School
Washington DC, October 2012

Responding to Change
Smith & Williamson
London, October 2012

Partner Retirements: Critical Elements of a Strategic Plan
Anaheim, CA, October 2012

Future Think and Innovation
Los Angeles, September 2012

Compensation Workshop
Georgetown University Law School
Washington DC, September 2012

Strategic Planning for Lateral Growth
San Francisco, June 2012

Mergers & Integration
Los Angeles, June 2012

Meeting Clients’ Changing Expectations
Thomson Reuters
London, November 2011

Challenges for Specialist Firms
Thomson Reuters
London, October 2011

Preparing for a Restructured Market
Intellectual Property Managers
London, May 2011

The Asian Legal Market: Emerging Models & Strategies
Legal Executive Briefing
Hong Kong, March 2011

Trends in the Profession and Predictions for the Future
Managing Partner Roundtable
Atlanta, February 2011

The Economics of Partnership
ABA Partner & Corporate Counsel
Philadelphia, February 2011

Alternative Fee Arrangements
Association of Corporate Counsel
New York, December 2010

Legal Industry Consolidation and Cross Border Mergers
Managing Partner Roundtable
London, October 2010

Drivers of Merger
London, October 2010

Legal Industry Outlook
Thomson Reuters
Washington DC, September 2010

Trends in Talent Management
National Conference of Bar Presidents
San Francisco, August 2010

Legal Process Improvement
Hildebrandt Institute
Webinar, June 2010

Practice Transition Planning
Canadian Roundtable
Montreal, June 2010

Effective Client Relationship Management
World Services Group
Stockholm, May 2010

State of the Legal Industry
Legal Executive Briefing
Pebble Beach, May 2010

Positioning in a Time of Transition
Washington DC, March 2010

Current State of Law Firm
Washington DC, March 2010

Evolution of Strategic Planning
New York, February 2010

Year in Review
Peer Monitor
Boston, February 2010

Year in Review
Peer Monitor
Philadelphia, February 2010

Economic Conditions and the Legal Profession
Denver, November 2009

Legal Market Update
Peer Monitor
Atlanta, October 2009

New Metrics Workshop
New York, October 2009

Reshaping of the Legal Market
HR in Law
London, September 2009

Trends in Legal Services
Legal Week
London, May 2009

Trends in US Litigation
Legal Executive Briefing
Pebble Beach, May 2008

Managing for Success
Law Society
London, April 2008

Trends in Legal Services
Stand van de Advocatuur
Amsterdam, March 2008