We believe that effective professional services management requires building consensus, and that this consensus is best achieved when decisions are based on objective, thoughtful, and clearly communicated analysis. Partners must perceive that management decision-making is rigorous—to recognize that the same high standards apply to the management and direction of their firm as to their work for clients.

Our experience also tells us that professionals respond better when helped to identify what they could do rather than being told what they should do. We apply the depth of our experience to advise, to structure the process, and to provide expert opinion. We do not seek to impose a particular view of the world.

Our clients tell us that they wish to build a competitive advantage through developing innovative approaches to meeting their clients’ needs. We work with them to understand, and to anticipate, their clients’ changing needs, and to improve continuously their current practice.

We know that senior management is often under pressure from their partnership to get things done. We understand that it takes hard work to close the gap between declared ambition and achieved position and that it is our responsibility to support this process and to do our best to help management identify, and then execute, the practical steps necessary to develop their practice.

The strategic nature of our advice dictates absolute discretion. We consider everything that passes between us and our clients to be confidential.

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