How to Merge: Lessons from 20 Years of Law Firm Mergers

By Lisa Smith, Published in “Law Firm Strategies for the 21st Century” Globe Law and Business, 2013 Press Releases Fairfax In the Press Speaking Engagements Seminars & WorkshopsFairfax AssociatesFairfax Associates brings together the skills of highly experienced...

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Law Firm Mergers: Taking a Strategic Approach

By Giles Rubens, PalGrave Macmilan, 2005 This book provides the reader with an explanation of the market forces driving increased competition in the legal profession that has raised the overall interest in mergers and often precipitated law firm mergers. At the same...

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Anatomy of a Law Firm Merger

By Lisa Smith and William Johnston, American Bar Association, 2004 I’ve been exploring the relevance of Porter’s Five Forces in recent blog posts. One of those forces – Threat of Substitutes – has the potential to be a disruptor for the legal industry. While...

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